2023 Free eTicket - Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual Summit

Francis Wade - Framework Consulting (2Time Labs/CaribHRForum)

Hi, I'm Francis Wade, Summit Host!

We may not have met, but I imagine that you're a productivity enthusiast with an interest in all things related to task management and time blocking. Over time, you have grown immensely as a result of what you have learned, including the fact that there are no "One Size Doesn't Fit All" solutions.

But this insight, as important as it is, isn't enough. It's just a beginning of the next phase of your journey.

Now, you are in a search for other folks who share similar beliefs. And experts who have thought about the challenge. And bloggers and podcasters who share their ideas on the topic.

You want to know how to craft your own custom solutions based on the work of researchers, thought leaders, app designers and device creators.

If you do this well, your future would be assured! You would never get trapped by the limits of one person's advice, or a particular app, or even by a device.

Instead, you would have unique insight into the inner workings of task management and time blocking. Creating your own pathways would become easy.

With your Free eTicket to the 2023 summit, you'll be able to participate immediately. You'll receive:

  • a copy of my book, Bill's Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure. It's all about creating your own journey.
  • a complimentary access to a select number of past summit videos
  • invitations to attend webinars and podcasts
  • plus more

One the summit starts on March 2nd, you'll be invited to view pre-recorded videos, attend live sessions, join discussions and test new technologies.

Plus, if you can't attend the entire summit, we'll tell you about the All Access Pass (AAP) which is a package of all the video content from the event. With your purchase of this VIP product, you can view all the pre-recorded and live summit videos for a year.

Conference Dates: March 2-4, 2023 (Thursday-Saturday)

Location: Online

Francis Wade

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2023 Free eTicket - Task Management & Time Blocking Virtual Summit

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