Fearless Strategy Workshop by Amie Devero

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Fearless Strategy Workshop by Amie Devero

Francis Wade - Framework Consulting (2Time Labs/CaribHRForum)
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After dealing with so much change and uncertainty lots of Caribbean corporate leaders are playing it safe. That’s a natural reaction. Instead of aiming for the stars, we set easy, attainable, predictable goals. Your company doesn’t need a serious plan to achieve those goals. It's business as usual.

But playing it safe also means that neither you nor your organization will produce extraordinary, unprecedented, breakthrough results!!

But you’re here.

You are at the conference because you want to accomplish amazing results in your company. So you need to craft big goals and the strategies to achieve them! That’s what we will attack in this in-depth, 3-hour, HANDS ON workshop. 

This won’t just be about doing strategy. It will be about transcending the need to play safe! 

You will BREAK THROUGH and be ready to play BIG! 

When you play big, you visualize big goals. Those big goals need great strategic plans! 

Strategy Mapping is the most scientific, straightforward, and easy-to-execute method for crafting breakthrough strategy in organizations of all sizes.

In this workshop, you will learn how to map your company's strategy! 

When we say learn – we mean learn. You will be able to map a strategy...not just talk about it. 

Conference sessions are primarily presentations that give you information. That’s awesome!  But information doesn’t always translate into understanding. The real measure of understanding is whether you can USE the tools and knowledge you’ve gained! In fact, the greatest access to real learning comes from experience. According to the best education data, over 65% of ALL learning comes from actual experience. 20% comes from collaboration. But only 10% comes from content. 

So, we are offering you the opportunity to get a real, hands-on experience of building a company strategy map with one of the leading experts on strategy mapping! What you learn will go far beyond what's written in textbooks.

This workshop will deliver learning. We will be hands-on, collaborating and doing the actual work! Why join? Here’s what you will leave with:

  • The Freedom and Desire to PLAY BIG
  • A breakthrough goal for your organization
  • A Strategy Map you have designed
  • Strategy Mapping Skill that you can take back to your organization

As a workshop offered to the public, this training would be priced in the hundreds of US dollars. Don’t miss the chance to return to work as a fearless goal-setter, with the tools to accomplish those goals by mapping your corporate strategy!

Who this is for:

  • anyone who is part of a future strategic planning retreat or project
  • people who want a head-start in thinking strategically
  • practice in using an advanced technique in strategic planning, first conceived by Drs. Kaplan and Norton

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