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Individual All Access Pass w/ Downloads - CaribHRForum Virtual Conference 2021


HR Professional: Did you miss the recent Caribbean HR Conference with over 60 speakers?

If you're like hundreds of your colleagues who attended, you like to learn and grow. Making progress is important to your development.

But it's hard to find options for HR professionals that are convenient and inexpensive. While you're willing to make an investment, your budget for training yourself and your colleagues in the HR department has probably been cut.

The All Access Pass (AAP) was designed with you in mind.

In a nutshell, it's a package of all the conference videos. We have assembled 48 pre-recorded and 31 live videos created by our carefully curated speakers into a convenient library which you can access for a full year.

This means that you can benefit from the Spacing Effect - the discovery that learning takes place when it's not crammed all at once, but spread out over time. This approach improves both retention and application so you don't struggle to use what you heard.

It also means that you are fitting the learning into your own mobile schedule. Down-time spent visiting social media, watching television or even waiting in a line can be put to better use.

Finally, 98% of our speakers are from the Caribbean. They'll save you time by sharing what works locally, rather than in theory, far away somewhere in the world. 

Don't delay - your learning depends on it! Click in the blue-green "I want this" button at right to make your purchase.

P.S. Want some help to assist you in convincing your organization to invest? Here's a fact sheet you can download to use in a conversation with your manager.

P.P.S. Contact us here to inquire into discounted, multi-pass purchases.

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Individual All Access Pass w/ Downloads - CaribHRForum Virtual Conference 2021

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