Customizable Blueprint - Caribbean Strategy Conference

Francis Wade - Framework Consulting (2Time Labs/CaribHRForum)
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You have joined the Caribbean Strategy Conference and would like to make the most of the experience. Having this customizable Blueprint can help.

What is it?

The document is a 27-page outline of the steps to take between July and December 2022 to craft a breakthrough strategy. It's only a start - much of it is meant to be changed to fit your circumstances.

When you save it to your Google drive, or download it in the form of a pdf or PowerPoint, you can make your own changes.

To help make the steps clear, there are six explainer videos, some as long as 30 minutes in length. These help you with the finer details so you don't become confused at any point.

Purchase a copy today and you'll be able to get started immediately!

Francis Wade

P.S. If you're not happy with your purchase, we offer a 7 day money back guarantee.

P.P.S. Purchase today and you will receive a link to the Innovator Interviews from the conference. Contact us here with your proof of purchase.

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A customizable Blueprint

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