Customizable Blueprint - Caribbean Strategy Conference

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Customizable Blueprint - Caribbean Strategy Conference

Francis Wade - Framework Consulting (2Time Labs/CaribHRForum)
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You are interested in applying some of the best practices in long-term strategic planning in your business. As you look around at the chaos each day brings, having a beacon way ahead of you could keep you on track to accomplish breakthrough results.

But where can you learn how to use the LeapOut process you may have heard about? The quick answer is the “Blueprint” originally developed for the Caribbean Strategy Conference.

The Blueprint is an interactive learning which lays out the essential steps covered in LeapOut - your pathway to breakthrough results.

  • summarize past results.
  • pick a long time horizon.
  • brainstorm preferred outcomes.
  • craft a feasible, detailed vision in numbers/words.
  • backcast from the future to today and create a matrix.
  • map the short-term strategy.
  • assign strategy projects to sponsors.

With short videos, you are immediately immersed in the process, understanding the role each step plays. To capture your learning, you receive a Google document in which you lay out the next 6 months of strategic planning activity, including your retreat or offsite.

This training is intended to take 4-6 hours and gives you all you need to plan your own breakthrough, long-term strategy retreat. Plus, you also receive support from me by email for 30 days/5 messages.

Purchase a copy today and you'll be able to get started immediately!

Francis Wade

P.S. If you're not happy with your purchase, we offer a 7 day money back guarantee.

I want this!

Your purchase includes:

An interactive, 29 page Google Document
7 videos
6 month planning template
email support for 30 days/5 messages
A 7-day guarantee