Full Ticket Replay - Caribbean Strategy Conference


Given the magnitude of the opportunity ahead, will your next strategic planning retreat be wasted?

Your company has made it through the worst of the pandemic. However, it still has a recession, war and supply-chain crisis to weather...but the worst may be behind it.

As you see light at the end of the tunnel, you want to rally your board, executive team and senior managers to a new level. You don't want the same-old strategic plan with stale thinking to be the result.

But, it's harder than it seems. A game-changing strategic plan requires more than an executive order. Or a weekend in a nice hotel. Or nice intentions.

At the Caribbean Strategy Conference in June 2022, regional speakers shared stories of past, game-changing strategic plans (e.g. Douglas Orane/GraceKennedy). Some revealed current plans which are succeeding against the odds (e.g. Keith Duncan/Donna Scott-Duncan/JMMB). Others spoke to innovations which have produced world-class results (e.g. Paul Francis/MVP Track & Field Club).

Global thought-leaders like Dr. Richard Rumelt guided attendees to find "the crux" - the essential challenge they must tackle to produce a breakthrough...the core idea behind his new book.

They heard insights from industry experts like Moira Edwards (Ireland), Dr. Gwen Garrison (USA), Chris Fox (UK), Marjorie Wharton (Barbados), Tanya McCartney (Bahamas), Wendy Delmar (St. Lucia), Kristine Thompson (Trinidad & Tobago), Dr. Robert Phaal (UK), Rita Sookrit (Canada), Dr. Dax Driver ( Trinidad & Tobago), Lisa Soares Lewis (Jamaica), Jane Wight (Trinidad & Tobago) and others. Many sat on panels such as Financial Services, Tourism, Manufacturing, Talent Management and more.

Don't miss this chance to invigorate your board, executives and senior managers i.e. anyone involved in strategic planning. By replaying the 30 hours of content offered over the next year, they'll step away from their daily firefighting to:

  • be inspired by stories from innovators and ideas from other industries.
  • learn insider knowledge from international and Caribbean strategic planning facilitators.
  • begin work on your own custom strategic planning Blueprint that your company can follow for the rest of the year. It's designed to produce game-changing plans for 2023 and beyond.

Expect your planning team to use these ideas and energy and to craft a breakthrough plan.

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Finally, we offer a 7-day full money-back guarantee if you're not happy with this package.

Don't hesitate if this is the right package for your company.

See you inside,

Francis Wade



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Customizable Workbook
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Full Ticket Replay - Caribbean Strategy Conference