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Audiobook of Perfect Time-Based Productivity (English)


Welcome to the information page for the English audiobook version of Perfect Time-Based Productivity (2nd Edition.)

. Brian Tracy – Author, Unlimited Sales Success

In this second edition of Perfect Time-Based Productivity, Francis Wade delivers further solutions to the modern-day problem of increasing demands on your time. He begins by defining why "time management" does not exist, revealing the fact of "time demand management". Based on the data from hundreds of his learners plus academic research, his approach starts by teaching you how to evaluate your current practices, compare them with best-in-class standards, and make steady improvements. The result is a step-by-step method that restores your peace of mind.

. Laura Stack, aka The Productivity Pro® and Author, What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do

Mike Vardy, Author of The Front Nine and Founder of Productivityist

Dr. Kathryn Welds, Organizational Psychologist - Blogger @ Curated Research and Commentary

Tony Murphy,

Melanie Wilson, Ph.D.,

Maura Thomas, Author: Personal Productivity Secrets -

Timo Kiander, Productive Superdad

Julie Gray, Holistic Time Coach

Francis Wade is a Cornell graduate in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering. An alumnus of AT&T Bell Labs, he tackles today's productivity challenges using a blend of academic research, experience with consulting clients and data he's collected from classroom learners. His book is a unique blend of psychology, engineering, process management and adult learning.

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Audiobook of Perfect Time-Based Productivity (English)

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