2023 Regular Entry Pass - Sustainable Strategy Conference

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2023 Regular Entry Pass - Sustainable Strategy Conference

Francis Wade - Framework Consulting (2Time Labs/CaribHRForum)

Hi, I'm Francis Wade, Conference Host.

We may not have met, but I imagine that you're someone who cares about the power of strategic planning in organizations of all kinds. You know that an amazing vision can be achieved by an equally amazing plan.

But in the past few years, we have all become a bit gun-shy.

Organizations you belong to no longer do long-term planning. Instead, survival is the order of the day as scary disasters accumulate: war, inflation, COVID, supply shocks, recessions, extreme climate events, terrorist attacks, income inequality, and more.

Leadership teams are scrambling to remain viable. Instead of dreaming about putting a man or woman to walk on the moon, they are preoccupied by keeping companies safe from Ai. Short-termism is the new normal.

We want this conference to provide a bridge to the future. Our experts will offer a way to interweave short and long-term strategic planning so they can accomplish Great things. Inspiring things. Purposeful things that transform people, planet and profits.

In two days on June 22 and 23, 2023 our experts will help you move the needle. The best thinkers will gather to share their knowledge and help you transition your organization from rampant short-termism to a culture and practice of long-term value creation.

For-profit? Non-profit? NGO? Charity? International? Governmental? Religious? Educational? In this conference all groups are welcome to be challenged to create interwoven short/long-term strategic plans which make a difference.

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Once the conference starts on June 22nd, you'll be invited to view a select number of pre-recorded videos, attend live sessions and join discussions.

Plus, if you can't attend the entire event, we'll tell you about the Full Ticket which is a package of all the video content from the event. With your purchase of this VIP product, you can view all the pre-recorded and live summit videos for a year.

Conference Dates: June 22-23, 2023 (Thursday-Friday)

Location: Online

Host: Francis Wade

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