Full Ticket - Sustainable Strategy Conference 2023


So, you are looking at the dates of the upcoming Sustainable Strategic Planning Conference. The content looks intriguing, but you're busy a professional with a full slate of commitments.

You want to gain all the help you can because you can use the idea of an interwoven short/long strategic plan in your work. The latest ideas could make a difference.

The good news is that we are offering an upgraded Full Ticket which can make up for a busy schedule. How does it work?

We will capture all the conference content (both live and pre-recorded) in a single place. It’s every moment captured on video, offered for your convenience, on-demand for a full year.

In this way, the two days of the conference translate into 365 days of steady growth. At the end of the year, you should be proud of your investment, and what you accomplished as a result.

This is quite a different experience from regular pass holders. They either must binge-watch the content or make some hard choices to skip sessions. After all, few of us have all the free time in the world to attend a rich learning event.

So do yourself a favor, and invest in your learning.

For the in-conference discount using this code or link - 6DIKZCS

Enjoy your learning experience!

Francis Wade


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Claim your entry pass at a price you set. Put in 0 (zero) for a 100% discounted registration. The recommended price is $29. Thanks for your support.

Here's what you'll receive:
Its value if sold separately
15-20 hours of Pre-Recordings from Thought Leaders On-Demand
Customizable Blueprint
JumpLeap Newsletter One Year Subscription
Retreat Timing Checklist
Access to All Live sessions
On-Demand Replays of All Live Sessions
30 min Private Q&A with Francis Wade
Plus more!
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Full Ticket - Sustainable Strategy Conference 2023

I want this!